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Back in 2017, I started Coaching other Wedding professionals- whilst continuing to work as a successful Wedding Planner and Designer myself!

I’d always had a passion for helping pothers and even before I ‘properly’ stared coaching I Would be giving advice and showing people solutions to issues in their business.

I love both of my jobs and believe that being current still in the wedding business is a great benefit to my wedding business coaching clients! ❤️🤓I am able to give them real time experience and knowledge! The wedding business changes so quickly that’s important to work with someone who is on top of it all!

👉My first coaching client was a BIG story- Through my support, motivation, encouragement and guidance, she left her 9 to 5 job to become a Wedding florist!❤️

It was a scary time for us both, I was giving her all the encouragement and support to take the plunge. Promising it would all work! I’m glad the story has a happy ending!

Here’s what Ruth at Flores La Boheme has to say about here journey with me.

From the very beginning on 2017, Lucy was instrumental not only in developing my business but showing me where I needed to start and guiding me along the way!

I was a lawyer working for an Insurance Firm, and at that stage of my career I was unhappy with my 9 to 5!

To leave the security of my job and my comfort zone as a lawyer to become a florists and start from zero was something that required lots of courage and confidence. However with Lucy’s continuous encourage and support I was able to do just that!

Lucy helped me to realise my potential and support me emotionally on those moments where my confidence failed me.

Once I started developing my business, she showed me every step of the way, how to face the unlimited amount of tasks that starting a business and working as a Wedding florist involved. From organisation of tasks, to promotion and online presence, from brand to product, from networking in the industry to SEO and accountancy.

I learned how to be able to offer a product that I was proud of, producing the best of the best and creating my own tribe of followers! Now I’m an established florist in the Wedding industry, with more business that I can cover.

I’m happy doing what I really was born to do. No more hours locked at the office dealing with problems.

And I’m aware that I was so lucky to count with Lucy to help me do it.Thanks a million Lucy!!

Ruth From Flores La Boheme!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️https://www.instagram.com/floreslaboheme/

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