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As you are aware The Wedding Industry is being hit really hard by the restrictions that Covid has put on life.

We have postponed 9 weddings and lost 1 for 2020. This is all of our business for the year. Personally, I’ve lost approx. 80,000 Euros in Revenue.

Luckily, I have Passive Income systems in place in my Wedding Business to avoid complete fallout for us, but not everyone is so lucky!

I’ve seen so many people suffering and really struggled with maintaining the love for their wedding businesses this year!

❤️So to help the Wedding Industry to Transform and Prosper at this difficult time, I’m creating a Free Summer Festival to help boost energy, motivate, inspire and show them how they can transform their wedding business to be making money right now!

I want to get them lifted from the depths of despair and motivate them to feel good and loving the wedding industry again!

I want to get them taking action! I want them to get results! I want them to feel powerful again!

I’m planning the Wedding Summer Festival Across 3 days- NEXT WEEK!! Afternoon and Evening Sessions of 2 hours. 7th to 9th September 2020

I’ve teamed up with 2 incredible Wedding Business Professionals-Kristin Sullivan-Wedding and Wellbeing Specialist from The Bridal Retreat in the USA and Beverley Futia-Wedding Industry Mindset Coach from Wedded Bliss in the UK!!

From Florida, UK Spain, Canada and Hawaii- We’re bringing you a GLOBAL WEDDING SUMMER FESTIVAL to revive, inspire, motivate, reinvigorate and get you to take powerful steps towards wedding business success!


Insider knowledge on how the landscape of the Wedding market has changed!

How you can create passive income for your Wedding Business!

Insightful ways to connect with your Ideal Client!

Super inspiring and powerful stories of creating success in the Wedding Industry despite the crisis

Smart ways to increase your visibility and sales

How to master your mind, thoughts and actions to truly believe you can achieve your dream goals!

Giving you the tools to stay strong and resilient despite the tough times!

How to create strong collaborations for success!

Building your Business through building relationships!

Start to create PR for your business like a celebrity!

Master the art of styled shoots for maximum visibility!

Together we have curated an INCREDIBLE line-up of super talented Wedding Business Professionals who’ll be offering free- life changing training and give you actionable steps to take away, so you too can create unrivalled success in your wedding business.


Your Can Sign up for this Fabulous FREE Festival HERE!

I have been working my socks off building my Wedding Coaching Community and given charitable coaching to many people that are really in pain and suffering from what has been going on (some have been literally on the edge).

I’ve helped so many people move on from the blow of losing weddings and start to generate income for their businesses when they believed it was just not possible! I would like to help MORE people on a bigger scale and this was my solution for that 😊

Lots of love Lucy!