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You’ve done so well! Almost got through January! Even tougher than most because of lockdown! I hope you’ve coped okay. I know its not easy, we’re all struggling in our own ways right now. Some days are good and others bad 🙂

So look, I want to inject a bit of fun into your life. I want to help you feel better!

So I’ve decided to run a Challenge this week! It’s The Money Confidence Challenge! A great opportunity to refresh your money mindset work and get yourself back on track to get out there making money in your business! 

It’s time to start attracting more abundance and wealth into your life! And that positive feeling starts with me on Monday 1st Feb at 11am UK/12.00CET!!! 

You don’t have to sign up, it doesn’t cost anything, just join me in The Wild Hearted Entrepreneur each day!

As a bonus I’ve also invited you too a Q & A session at the end of each day, so once you’;ve done the work you can ask me any quesitons about what came up! 

This is a free challenge but I want you to get teh most out of it! I want you to feel different by Friday! 

On Fridays session I’ll be doing a prize draw to everyone who turned up to the sessions and took part! Everyone that turned up to them all will receive a prize from me! 

I hope to see you there and don’t forget to invite your friends who need a boost!! 

Back in March I ran the RESILIENT WEDDING BUSINESS CHALLENGE at the start of lock-down- many people were highly demotivated including Mark Honeyman. The CHALLENGE encouraged, motivated and inspired Mark to create some new ideas for revenue streams!

Mark Honeyman- Lucy has been instrumental in helping me to reevaluate my business model and to refocus on developing new income streams. Her passion for coaching and enthusiasm for helping is infectious. I thoroughly recommend her coaching.

Andrea Pearson- The past few months have been tough working in the wedding industry and The Wild Hearted Entrepreneur Group has been the most supportive and inspiring place to be. Lucy is an incredible coach and cares so much about everyone in the community. During a time where everything felt so out of our control she made us feel empowered and motivated to do the work and elevate our businesses. The resilience challenge was just what I needed to refocus my business and continue to work towards attracting my ideal client and transforming my business into what I want it to be. I have also thanks to Lucy started exploring other ways of making income which is really exciting! The community is full of members who are collaborative, talented and supportive and I look forward to being there. Lucy makes you feel like anything is possible and takes the time to get to know you and help you accomplish your goals. She is an open book and absolutely lovely and would recommend her to anyone looking to elevate their business 💛

If you have any more quesitons post in The Wild Hearted Entrepreneur Group or email me at Lucybennettcoaching@gmail.com