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This week in The Wild Hearted Entrepreneur, we’re digging deep in to our dreams, ambitions wants and desires! We’re analysing our pasts and seeing how we can transform our beliefs for better more powerful and useful ones!

For the past 7 years I’ve run my wedding planning business here in southern Spain, I’d achieve 6 figure success within just 18 months of launching my business but had always struggled to take it beyond this mark.

I always thought, it’s because I’m too nice. Too soft, not the ruthless money making type! I believed to make multi 6 figures, I have to work really, really hard. (i couldnt see how I could possibly work any hard!!) I had this perception that rich people got there through acting without integrity and honesty!

In 2018 after 4 years in business I first worked on my Money Mindset and realised that those were just excuses that I created. and those ‘ridiculous’ excuses (let’s be honest) were actually what was blocking my own success!

Let me tell you about my own money journey, so you can understand where these perceptions came from!


Quite honestly if you’ve ever heard my money story you would be totally shocked! I literally never had any. At 21 my bank manager told me I was living beyond my means! At 24 my future husband told me, I’d have to wait to have the things he had as I hadn’t earned it yet!! By 26 I had 4 Maxed out credit cards and by 29 I had 7 maxed out credit cards two loans amounting to over £37,000 of debt! After I was paid each month and had paid all my bills (i have great integrity so never missed a payment!) I had £200 to live on for food and travel each month! I was living a miserable life!

I had some work to do on myself!

I worked with my first Coach an NLP specialist, who helped me get perspective and guide me in the right direction with my debt! I had managed to get a great job that allowed me to start paying off the debt.

I took financial advice and through different methods by the time I was 35 I was debt free! Never allowed a credit card or loan ever again! This was all my fault, but the truth was it went way deeper than that!

My issues started in my childhood, the way I had seen the adults around me manage money. They way I was treated in regards to money! I’d been put to work around the house and garden from the age of 7, being rewarded with money for my ‘hard work’. I was never really allowed to just be a child and play, there was always an element of work involved!

I was dressed in second hand clothes or pass me downs, nothing fitted, I always looked like an odd-ball child! My grandparents were very wealthy, but I wasnt good enough to deserve new clothes. The things people had told me about money were so wrong. I was lead to believe that people like me, can never be rich! I was not good enough, a council estate girl form Stevenage, I did not deserve wealth!

So I listened and I acted out exactly what I’d been taught. If money came my way, within no time it would be gone!

My relationship with money was so toxic, I didn’t respect it. I complained about it all the time. It was no wonder money didn’t want anything to do with me! It was always missing in my life and I struggled to change that lack mindset. I had to take some time to really work on this and see how it was affecting me.

With my Coach I worked through my money mindset issues. One of which being that I believed to have any money at all, I had to work really hard (almost to the point of killing myself!). In my first 2 years of my business I was working all the hours that god sent! I did really well, reaching 6 figures, but at the detriment to my health.

Once I had dealt with some of my issues I did one thing that changed the direction of my business forever! The best move I ever made! I doubled my prices!!! This enabled me to work less and earn more! Not only that. It made me feel more worthy, more valued by my clients! I was happy and of better service to them!

It took me another few years and lockdown to really understand that I needed to work less and work out a plan to earn more. To understand that time for me and quality of life is what really matters.

The next step for me was creating Semi-Passive Income and it has truly changed my life. Creating income that flows to you any day at all times. Putting a system in place to be able to sell, ‘even when you sleep’ is pretty genius! What I know for sure and I want you to take this in is that working on your money story never goes away. Its a continuous job. With every transformation in your business, with every uplevel you have to go back to work on your money mindset.

So if you tell me, I’m good I’ve worked on my money mindset-I’m done! I do not believe you. It’s time to go again. do more work, because we all have to do it! Even multi 7 figure business owners do it all the time!