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What a week for Women on an international scale. So despite the darkness this week, in my group we’ve heard some incredible voices!!

This week I’ve shared with you 3 Interviews with amazing women. Women who have all had to face adverse situations in life but have survived and come through.

❤Nicki Louise James

❤Lisa Norman

❤Aimee Stewart


They have all had the power to re-write their stores! And start to live their dream lives empowering and raising up other women!

Next week I’ll be interviewing even more amazing women!

We have:

My Friend of 25 years- jo jones- Beauty PR legend and Co-Founder of Beauty Banks-A non profit charity collects discontinues and unused stock from a range of high-street and high-end brand and redistribute it to those experiencing Hygiene poverty- Hygiene and being clean is a human right not a luxury!! Join us on Tuesday 16th March at 2pm UK/3pmCET to hear all about Jo’s incredible journey and the amazing movement she has created!

On Tuesday at 4pmUK/5pmCET I’ll also be talking to Kristina Carter Wheeless in Charlotte USA About how she has managed to transform her life and business despite Covid-19 decimating her business! @kristinacarterwheeles

On Wednesday at 11amUK/12.00CET- I’ll talk to Carla Mazzeo Miraglia in Spain– The Creator of the amazing TUCCO Weddings and Events here in Spain about how she created one of the most prestige luxury brands in Europe!! Carla Mazzeo Miraglia

On Wednesday at 2pmUK/3pmCET- I’m talking to Charlotta Barman-in Finland!!! Charlotta is a Confidence and Empowerment Coach operating under the name of Creator of Superwomen.

Having lost herself for most of her twenties to regaining her strength and stepping into her power, she found her calling in supporting other women on their quest to feel like all the woman they are and can dream to be.

On Thursday at 09amUK/10amCET- we are talking to Beaudy Marea Camacho in Guam (the middle of the western Pacific ocean) Beaudy has led the most incredible and colourful life, overcoming many challenges to pioneer a fund raising agency that supports non-profit leaders all around the world, giving them more freedom, family time and fortune, she is also a applied suicide Intervention skills training trainer!



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MONDAY at 2pmUK/3pmCET- Deborah Chalk – MIND BODY SESSION-The session – Mind Body Magic Foundational meditative practice session. We’ll be diving in with deep mind body practices that help you to connect deeply with your body that then opens you up to hear the wisdom of your inner guide.

THURSDAY- 2pmUK/3pmCET – EMBODYING YOUR HUMAN DESIGN with Olivia Lasonos– Livy will explain Human Design in a truly understandable way so that you can leave the session understanding more about how you can live your life in alignment! Bring your HD charts along- go to JOVIAN archive, get your free chart and print it off to bring it along to the session! https://www.jovianarchive.com/ Come and Watch the whole series for the month of MARCH in The Wild Hearted Entrepreneur