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Today’s post is a Wedding Planner support post, offering some tips and advice to help you through these next few weeks. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to my amazing clients for being so calm and understanding at this time (not that I created the Virus, it’s just they could well be really freaking out!)

There are many industries that have been very hard hit by the recent CV-19 outbreak. Weddings and Tourism have been struck particularly badly, so we have been rallying around (in our own homes, at 1 metre distance from each other!) to support our clients and colleagues in the industry. There are not many things more earth shattering than learning that you may need to postpone or even cancel your wedding!

You have been planning this for 18 months, your dreams are set, its happening in just a few weeks and then this, a crisis that is completely out of our control hits.  It is an awful time and emotions and stress levels are higher than ever. We have offered  our clients unquestionable levels of support. They know our phone is on whenever they need to discuss something not matter how minor and we are doing all we can to minimise losses for them! So to help on an emotional level, I wanted to share with you some Tips I have offer to my Friends and Family to help survive the Lock-down! Looking after ourselves and our mental health right now is a No.1 priority!

1. Create a regular Routine for yourself, you may not be going to the office but it is important that you still live a normal life, get up, exercise, shower, eat meals at regular times! Its all too easy to stay in our pyjamas all day watching 24 hour news, but that wont help our mental health! If you don’t already have a good routine, try a phone App such a FABULOUS! This could be a great opportunity to get yourself some good habits 😊

2. Exercise is essential for all of us and I start the day with some light Yoga-this is a good way to get in touch with your body, work out here your aches and pains are and start to calm your mind. Good Apps for this are Yoga Studio or Asana Rebel (if you like more of a challenging workout) both Apps are good for men and women!

3. Start to practice Meditation- There is no doubt about it, this is a very Stressful time and more so for you as you have so much invested in the next few months! Take some time out to calm your mind and help get on top of those negative thoughts. Good phone Apps for meditation are Head space, Calm, Aura and Stop Breath Think

4. Only consume the NEWS and Social media posts relating to the nasty C word,  1 time a day MAXIMUM. This is REALLY important. Yes, I get that you want to stay on top of it, but it is all to easy to get completely wrapped up in it. And what happens then, you will feel overwhelmed and stressed. How do I know…well that was me last week! I have now stopped and following my own advice and I feel much better.

5. Take this time to self improve, learn something new, read an educational book about a subject you are interested in or consume yourself in interesting Ted Talks- you could also cuddle up with a best Seller on the sofa- either way use this extra time to help improve your life, we all have room for self-improvement.

This will be over as quick as it came, let’s live our lives as normally as we can without letting this thing completely overpower and upset us. Sadly, we cannot change this situation, we can only make the most of the time we have to ourselves and care for our loved ones. ❤️