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Your Wedding Business started as a dream, an idea that you had, to live a life of freedom. Managing your own life, being your own boss, earning the money that you decide you want to earn.

Well I was there too, I had a dream. I dreamt of a new life away from the rat race. The Stress of the 9 to 5, the pressure to sell against other peoples targets!

Across late 2012 and 2013 I lost all 3 of my remaining grandparents. It was a major catalyst for me. As you can imagine, the emotional journey I went through in that 6 month period was hard. It bought up much of the un resolved pain of losing my mum to cancer when I was just 24 and she was only 44!

These emotional triggers made me re-asses my life, I wasn’t happy. In truth I never had been. I thought it was me, I thought I was faulty, depressed, just an unhappy person. But the truth is, it was the way I worked and lived that was not right.

Sometimes we need a crisis for us to see the light, for us to be able to reassess and take a big decision.

It was time, we had both spent the past 2 years saving for breaking free from London life. I’d always dreamed of a life abroad in particular, in Andalucia! And for Jesus, it was time after 15 years in the UK to return home!

So off we went on a new adventure, the world thought we had gone crazy. No-one could see how we could make a success of what we planned to do.

I kept calling it my big idea. I didn’t know what it would be yet, but I knew it would change my life.

After some time-out, backpacking around SE Asia and living on the beach in the Costa de la Luz, we decided on our business plan. We would combine our skills and start a wedding planning & design company.

As with everything that I choose to do, we went full steam ahead. I put 150% of my energy into the project. With hard work to target the right people, consistent marketing and visibility we managed to make an overwhelming success of what we had created! We had done it, in 2 years we’d reached 6 figures!

As with all successful businesses, growth was key. So we would review and raise our prices on an ongoing basis and really design a business that suited us. Every year for 6 years we’ve taken 6 weeks off over Christmas!

Then a new chapter opened up. Out of sheer desperation of seeing my sister in law in pain and sick from a job she hated, in 2017 I took a massive gamble and took her on as our florist. She was a lawyer, untrained in the art of flowers, but I knew she had style. She was coached creatively at schools across Spain while I concentrated on setting her up from a business perspective, teaching her all that she needed to know!

Her florist business went from strength to strength and within 18 months she was fully booked and turning away business. I’d enjoyed so much the journey to success with her. Now I’d created 2 successful wedding businesses I wanted to help more people in the industry. I wanted to show people that who ever they were, where ever they came from, they could have success too. I wanted them to have a community, a place to find other like minded people to offer support and guidance, so I created The Wedding Coaching Corner!

August 2018 was just the beginning, I was great 1-2-1 coaching but I was nervous presenting to groups. I took time to build my confidence and grow. Growing the group following, building a lovely warm, non bitchy community where everyone felt relaxed to support each other.

2 years on we at at point where we need a new private space where we get really serious about learning how to elevate our wedding businesses. Where I can give you so much more!

I wanted to offer safe space for female wedding business owners to build a community, find their wedding support sisters. A space without judgement, a space to grow, a space to elevate! And that space is The Wedding Coaching Community. This is going to be a non-clicky space, it’ll be inclusive, everyone will have a voice! It is your space.

I also wanted to offer value doubling what you see in other Wedding Groups, for me this is a life’s passion, its not just a job! That’s why we will have weekly contact!

I know how important it is to have a coach to encourage you and hold you accountable. I know by working with my 1-2-1 clients that this can fall away without weekly contact and encouragement. Sometimes we know what we should be doing, but we just don’t take the steps until someone reassures us, tells us that its the right decision.

If you need support and guidance but 1-2-1 coaching or a course is out of budget then this membership is the perfect solution! It’s a super safe space to REALLY be part of a warm and friendly wedding community! A space that you will be pushed to take action, you will be held accountable, you will achieve success beyond your wildest dreams!

Let’s grow together, let’s elevate our wedding business and build them up to be stronger than we could have ever imagined!

You can view all of the details and join The Wedding Coaching Club here

The special founding members rate (25 Euros), is active for another few hours only! After that it will go to the standard rate(30 Euros) for this launch. In October, I will be re-launching at (49 Euros). The rate you sign up for now, will be the rate you get for life! So now is a prime opportunity!