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How many times in your life have you been told, if you want success you need to work hard. My first job in London had me working, 50 hours a week. My second job 60 to 70!


What utter rubbish!
I had to work REALLY hard to make money.
I believed that success would only come when I worked really, really hard. And usually at the detriment to my health!

I was burnt out, diagnosed with a chronic illness and slowly learnt to realise that actually success will only come if I start to look after me. If I start to connect with who I really am and listen to the voice inside.
I’d been living my life unconsciously for most of my life!

I achieved 6 figures in a short time but, working 60 hours a week wasn’t my idea of the dream life I’d planned here in Spain. I’d left my 9 to 5 to live a life of freedom but instead of spending my days relaxing on a beach, I’d be sat at my desk working and working and working!

So, In 2018 after 4 years of relentlessness, I realised my business couldn’t grow any further, if I didn’t start to slow down and stop working, connect with me, find my inner power and voice.

Controversial I know- stop working and success will come!!!
I knew, If I started to live the values I’d established my business on and live in alignment with my dreams things would work out.
Afterall, I came to Spain to live a life of freedom, a life of working less, earning more, travelling when I wanted!

So I hired a coach, joined my first business membership group and began to transform my business.

I niched, I doubled my rate (something I encourage my clients to do!!). I cut the number of weddings I do in half. and started to create a new business that focused on 1 to many products (semi-passive income), so instead of trading time for money, I’m earning while supporting many people at the same time! Empowering myself to help thousands of women worldwide!
I’ve created a life where I worked half the time but actually earn more money!

I no longer feel guilty to take time out when I needed to.
I feel good about allocating a whole day each week to my own self development, learning and education!
Growing, learning, changing, making our selves better and stronger so we can live our best lives, is a continuous conscious journey. Once we get there, we’ll be pushing upwards again!
But until we’re aware we’ve been living on that treadmill, just running with no direction, we won’t be ready to change.
I’ve reached a point now, where the pieces of the puzzle are all starting to fit together!

I know how I want my life to be and how I’ll get there.
I understand my lifes purpose and am so passionate to make it happen. That passion is to help thousands of women to follow their dreams, break from convention, feel empowered to find their purpose and create an incredible life of freedom, no matter what their background is, no matter what adversities they’ve had to face!
In your heart, What does your dream life look like? How do you want to live your life?

I know that my success is not attributed to me, alone in my office.
It comes from living he life of a successful person.
Working with 2 or 3 coaches a year.
Being a member of multiple Membership Groups, because each offers me different network of support and learning.
And that is why I’ve created my brilliant Membership- The Coaching Club- for adventurous women, ready to transform their lives! Last week the doors opened again and I am offering a lifetime joining fee at the Founding members rate of 25 Euros a month- discounted from 40 euros a month!!
You can read about the membership here!

The world is changing and adaptability is key in business!

It’s been tough times so I’m honouring still the FOUNDING MEMBERS RATE of Euros 25! Instead of 40 Euros (plus vat) There is so much Value and we have such a brilliant time in there! We meet weekly, 2 MASTERCLASSES a Month and 2 ACTION PLANNING SESSIONS!!Theres a Thursday COFFEE BREAK where the members get together for an informal chin wag! You can apply for an accountability partner!

And I personally offer 121 feedback and help for you ONE DAY each month as well as Feedback Thursdays where if you post your work I’ll review it!
Theres a ton of other Group activities too to keep you motivated and pushing upwards in your business!

My group offers a different perspective, a fresh idea and its an empowering space to be part off and I’d love for you to come and join us!

Sending love and light

Lucy x