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It’s been an exciting month here with so many changes happening. 

I’ve been doing it slowly and if I’m honest quite quietly! 

But I wanted to write to you and let you know personally whats been going on. 

Throughout the transition of 2020 and the self development work I’ve been doing, I realised I wanted to help MORE WOMEN!!! 

I realised what I teach, how I coach can help every woman, not just wedding industry. 

So, I’m spreading my wings, growing my network and  am now so happy to say that I’ve re-branded as my own name!!

Yes I am now Lucy Bennett Coaching! 

I have a lovely new logo and feel so good about the change! No more hiding behind a faceless brand name! 

I have also decided I want to grow a community of women like me! Wild Hearted Entrepreneurs!

Women with an adventurous souls, women who have overcome adversity to create a different life for themselves! Have broken away from the conformity to create their own incredible business and life of freedom. Women who believe in supporting other women and that anything in life is truly possible! Big dreamers, fearless action takers. Women who are lifes changemakers!! 

My group has changed it’s name!


I’ll continue to coach on the same subjects that will guarantee you powerful transformations in your business, but with more of an empowerment focus! I am now the Empowered Success Coach!

I’ll also continue to mentor those in the wedding and creative industries but also those who are creating online business and those who are pivoting away from weddings! 

Pretty much all of my clients right now have new projects on the go!

I’ve been working with them to create their semi passive income offerings!

Downloadables, Memberships, Coaching Programmes!

The world is changing and adaptability is key in business! 

If you want to connect with me more come and Join my Facebook Community-or reply to this email for a complimentary chat to see where you need help!