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Aimee, is a Soul Led Life Purpose Coach. Having worked in the Mental Health Profession for 11 years and studied Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to MSc level, she realised she wanted to bring more soul into the healing work I did with people.

She’s been a qualified Mind Detox Therapist for 8 years also but over the last year she’s developed her own online therapeutic programmes that literally transform people’s lives from the insides out. Seeing her clients going from surviving to thriving is what she lives and breathes into her business. She allows her clients to sift through their traumatic experiences and make sense of them and grow from them.

It’s no accident that Aimee has devoted her adult life to helping others. At the age of 5 she lost her big sister Naomi to an overdose. This loss at such an early gave her an understanding of life that she can only describe was a spiritual gift and awakened her to a force higher than herself. This bereavement along with later being chronically bullied and changing schools 5 times, as well as experiencing sexual abuse in her childhood gave her an appreciation of how difficult and unpredictable life can be.

Having overcome trauma in her life, making sense of it and really going deep with inner work, meditation and reflection, she’s realised that our biggest gifts lie in our trauma, if we are willing to look. Her life purpose is to learn the blessings from every traumatic experience in her life and share the wisdom on how she has done this with her clients to enable them to have their own transformation to health, wealth, happiness and abundance.

She loves facilitating transformation in others and instilling the fact that everyone is enough, no matter what! She is also a single Mum to a beautiful 4 year old daughter and has 2 dogs. She lives in a small village in the North of Scotland.