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I’m so excited to be letting the voices be heard through my EMPOWERED WOMEN INTERVIEW SERIES!!!!! I have this desire to Empower women to follow their dreams, to break away from conformity and align with their lifes desires.

I truly believe we were not put on this earth to work and then die! This life is meant to be about experiences, lessons, love, happinness and fun and yet most of us just live along the treadmill of life, from one societal obligation to the next. It doesn’t have to be like this!

In the past year, with little to no support for the creative industries from the governments, it’s proved even more how the upper echelons of society DO NOT want us to be creative thinking entrepreneurs, free to make what money we want, to follow our passions. They want us to be the workers, working in mundane jobs that do not fulfil or satisfy us. They don’t want us to break free from the rat race and live our dream lives and this drives my passion to empower people more!

Our schools and education system is designed to create subservient drones who are too afraid to break away from conformity. They care little for our true talents!! There was a time when only the lucky, rich or famous made it!

But now it’s our time to shine too!

We are taught what we should be doing in life, but that doing is far from what is good for any of us! We end up with chronic diseases, cancer and early deaths by living lives is out of alignment for who we are!

Weekdays throughout March- I’ll be interviewing women who are changing the world and those who have overcome lifes greatest challenges to rise from the ashes and create incredible lives for themselves!

❤It’s time to start re-writing our stories- it is never too late! Come and Join me in my fabulous Free Group The Wild Hearted Entrepreneur to watch the interviews daily throughout March!