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To Quantum shift your success, abundance & happiness!



Are you a high achiever looking for rapid expansion in your life and business?

Through my intensive 121 programme- The Unlimited Success Expansion™️. We will elevate and transform your business using my Soul Re-Code™️ Formula. This transformational tool is based on raising your self-worth, embodying your truth and stepping into your authenticity & Purpose!

Through a symphony of conscious and subconscious work, soulful strategy & Reiki, be ready for the most powerful weekly 121 Activation sessions (3 per month). For heightened energetic flow, you’ll begin to magnetise clients, success and wealth even after your first session. This programme will help you re-align your life and business for a happier healthier life of freedom and abundance!

Create the soulful and aligned business you’ve dreamed of!


Know your PURPOSE in life and work towards that!


See a vision of your future life of SUCCESS and ABUNDANCE, and know it is already done!


Connect to your CREATIVITY and produce your most IMPACTFUL business offering to date


KNOW WHO YOU ARE so clearly that marketing and messaging FLOWS WITH EASE!




Vibrate at such an ELEVATED FREQUENCY that your CLIENTS, MONEY and ABUNDANCE are magnetised to you!


Create IMPACTFUL OFFERS that will create POWERFUL CHANGE in the world


Know how to MANIFEST your dream life and maintain that level of SUCCESS for today and THE FUTURE.

THE UNLIMITED SUCCESS EXPANSION IS PRICED AT £2,222 (inc tax) for 3 Month Experience.

lucy Bennett Coaching

After ONE session you'll see results!

Emotionally- You feel more joy & happiness in your life, more able to deal with stress and difficult challenges. A feeling of abundance in all areas of your life, a feeling of wholeness and a great sense of freedom.
Spiritually-You feel centred, you can connect at will to your higher self and use this connection with your intuition to guide in your life and business.
Behavioural- You will embody a new way of being, you feel free and alive!
Mentally- Your mindset has been transformed through deep subconscious work. You feel mentally stronger and able to flex and flow when needed.
Relationally- You will have improved relationships with your partner, family, children and friends. More happy more relaxed.
Financially- You are expanding your income. You magnetise your dream clients. Hitting that 6 figures & multi 6 figures! Consistency in monthly income.
Physical Benefits-You have more energy, You feel better, you look better, You sleep better, Your weight balances.

How Will It Work?

We'll start your programme off with a VIP Day to dig deep and make profound progress from Day 1. Through 9 additional 90 Min coaching sessions, unlimited email support & guidance, we’ll be working through your deepest blocks, teaching you soul aligned strategy, empowering you to believe and transform your life for unlimited success in quantum time!

As well as deep healing work. I’ll create a personalised action plan aligned to manifesting your deepest desires. We’ll be diving deep into how you can propel your life and business forward, Expanding your spirituality, energy and success!

Your personal motivation will sky rocket, while you optimise your spirituality and start to magnetise your dream soul-fire clients, generating unlimited income for your business.

After your initial 3 Month programme, we will review your progress and see whether we need to go deeper and set in place a plan to continuing empowerment, support and guidance.

I will work with you to build a blue print to grow a soulful sustainable, wildly profitable business that you love!!! While ensuring you have enough time to spend with family, friends and loved ones.

The Unlimited Success Expansion Investment starts at £ 2,222 (inc tax) for 3 Months.

lucy Bennett Coaching

This programme is for you if:

You need 1-2-1 targeted support on where to focus your efforts and get results in an aligned and soulful way!
You want to be able to break through your income ceiling and make more money than you've ever made, but in a way that feel aligned and soulful to you
You are ready to create a highly profitable and soulful business that allows you freedom to travel and enjoy life!
You want to feel self love, be confident in yourself and your business, so that you become unstoppable to create the life you've dreamed of
You are ready to make the changes necessary to start truly up-levelling your life & business, to create a magnetic existence!
You feel like you've hit a brick wall cannot see how to move forward, the frustration is overwhelming and something has to shift!

Investment Begins at £2,222 (inc. tax) for 3 Months- Book your Activation call to start your expansion today!

from my clients



I started working with Lucy in March having moved to Portugal to build my business as a destination wedding planner. In just 3 months I've gone from 1 couple to 4 booked couples, many more enquiries than before and doubling my income (which is still low but it's still doubled!). With her support and guidance I've saved myself from sticky situations with difficult enquiries, made my website better, streamlined my processes and felt far more positive about my future. She doesn't lie to you at any point and say that the road is simple. It's not. And it's taken alot of blood, sweat and tears to get to this point and I'm not even where I want to be yet. BUT considering how lonely and frustrating it would've been without her, I'm glad I had Lucy on my side the whole time. Thank you thank you thank you! xx

Olivia at Nulyweds


I started working with Lucy after feeling a little lost and confused about my [somewhat] new business. I approached her after receiving positive feedback from a friend and was blown away by Lucy's authenticity, wealth of knowledge and experience and most importantly, her willingness to share. Lucy is candid but kind and does not sell you a dream. She is passionate and trustworthy - having someone who is living the experience and working at a level that I want to achieve has truly made a difference to my outlook. Since working with Lucy, it has reignited my excitement for what is to come and I cannot thank her enough!

Assumpta at AVE Creations

wedding planner coaching

I wanted to keep working with weddings, however I had lost a bit of motivation - then I met Lucy and she made me see the right way for me to go. I have found my passion in the business again, and I am developing this into my business so that I will always feel happy with what I am doing.
The coaching session was very beneficial, because Lucy asked just the right questions, I got very surprised how she nailed the right subjects and made me see how to improve my own situation.
Only after a 2 hours session I felt completely filled with energy, but a little overwhelmed of how much I had to start doing with my company! I was happy that Lucy created an action plan specially for me, and I can work through it step by step.
I am truly grateful for this turn in my career!

Emma at ELW

wedding planner coaching

From the very beginning, Lucy was instrumental not only in developing my business but showing me where I needed to start and guiding me along the way!
I was a lawyer working for an Insurance Firm, and at that stage of my career I was unhappy with my 9 to 5!
To leave the security of my job and my comfort zone as a lawyer to become a florists and start from zero was something that required lots of courage and confidence. However with Lucy’s continuous encourage and support I was able to do just that!

Lucy helped me to realise my potential and support me emotionally on those moments where my confidence failed me.
Once I started developing my business, she showed me every step of the way, how to face the unlimited amount of tasks that starting a business and working as a Wedding florist involved. From organisation of tasks, to promotion and online presence, from brand to product, from networking in the industry to SEO and accountancy, … I learned how to be able to offer a product that I was proud of, producing the best of the best and creating my own tribe of followers!

Now I’m an established florist in the Wedding industry, with more business that I can cover. I’m happy doing what I really was born to do. No more hours locked at the office dealing with problems.
And I’m aware that I was so lucky to count with Lucy to help me do it.

Ruth at Flores La Boheme

Kimberley Rose Designs

Lucy is a great coach! She is kind, considerate and so giving of her knowledge and expertise. She cares and has a genuine interest in seeing my business succeed. I approached Lucy when I was floundering in my business and she helped me to focus, identify my ideal clients and provide the structure and accountability that I needed to put things in place in my business. I’m still working through some of the processes she walked me through but having her in my corner has made a world of difference.

Cynthia at Kimberley Rose Designs