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Your Journey to more Clients, Success and Abundance is about to begin!



A transformational journey of 44 days, where you re-align your life and business to set you up for soulful flow and effortless success. Through this deep foundational inner healing across 5 weeks (meeting weekly) and re-alignment of your energy, will bring you to a sense wholeness and freedom in your heart, to be incredibly connected to your inner goddess as you begin your journey of growth to success and freedom. I’ll work with you combining success coaching and healing work to bring you rapidly transformative results. You’ll see Quantum shifts in your ability to receive more clients, more money, more happiness and more health!

Through the power of conscious, deep subconscious work & soulful strategy, together we’ll break through your biggest blocks to success, opening you up for abundance and manifesting your desires! See Quantum shifts and change the way you live forever with this transformational programme to re-programme to become abundantly magnetic. You’ll be magnetising new clients, wealth and success. This intensive transformational foundation to healing and success is available within my signature experience LEGACY™️ or independently.

BECOMING MAGNETIC is £1,555 (Todays Price- £1,111 inc.vat) for 44 Days of 121 Intensive Support and Healing to completely transform your success.

lucy Bennett Coaching


What would life be like if you stopped holding yourself back from your desires, embraced your vision for your future life and purpose, stepped in to the Vortex of expansion to allow the energy of receiving and abundance to flow through you with ease?

Do You....?
-Believe you have to work so hard for money?
-Work endless hours and still not breaking through to the next level of income?
-You feel like money goes out faster than it comes in?
-You show up on social media, but still you are not magnetising your ideal clients?
-You feel scared you’ll never make it, you’re full of self-doubt and feel blocked for what to do next?
-You’re afraid to put your prices up for fear of not getting bookings?
-You’ve worked with business coaches, but the results you desire have still eluded you?
-You continuously worry about how to make money?

Imagine leaving the fear behind. Imagine, beginning along your path to expansive growth and you find yourself achieving what you are truly capable of at the highest level, creating impact, full of energy and love, earning big money, what you’ve always dreamed of?

How Would that Feel?

In this 44 Day journey to BECOMING MAGNETIC we will go to the deepest levels of healing and soulful business expansion, you’ll experience the power of my unique Soul Re-Code™️ method, plus my powerful Energy Work & Healing, all combined to heal your life at a soul level…. enabling you to begin the journey to heal your Body, Mind and Spirit! Creating space and energy for you to create rapid transformative results in your business with ease and flow. This is just the beginning of your new life where you see Quantum Shifts!

Through a symphony of conscious and subconscious work, soulful strategy & Reiki, be ready for the most powerful weekly 121 Activation sessions. For heightened energetic flow, you’ll begin to magnetise success and wealth after your first session. This programme will help you re-align your life and business for a happier healthier life of freedom and abundance!

BECOMING MAGNETIC Investment is £1,500 (inc. VAT) for 44 Days of 121 Intensive Support and Healing

Empowered Results....

✨Doubling her prices and selling more services!

✨Booking 3 new clients in one week!

✨Finding her purpose and launching her new business within 3 weeks! ✨Putting herself first, creating a new routine of selfcare, exercise, meditation and yoga.

✨Healing deep wounds, forgiving those that have betrayed her and feeling free and at peace.

✨Delegating in her business to step up into her CEO role and allow herself more free time.

✨Trebling her prices and upgrading her portfolio!

✨Booking every client that has a call with her!

✨Starting to set boundaries in work and home life

✨Connecting to industry leaders and not afraid to use her contact to take her business international!

✨Improving all relationships in her life

✨Feeling her energy at a 10 and her trauma at a 1!