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In to your life!



I see you, a conscious leader, looking for more meaning and success in your life & Business!


You are struggling to achieve TRUE abundance (wealth, health, spirituality, happiness & love)


You feel burnt out, working too much, your relationships and health are suffering  and you are still not able to break the income ceiling


You’ve achieved success but only through self sacrifice- you work to hard, over-give to every client and feel you are  not appreciated and valued by your  clients


You’re frustrated and overwhelmed with not achieving the results you want and this is affecting your relationships with family and friends


You have feelings of self doubt and lack of purpose, you desire more meaning in your life.


You don’t give yourself the love and nurturing that you deserve and have a feeling of emptiness and lack of meaning


Through my intensive 121 VIP HYPNOTHERAPY. We will elevate and transform your life and business using regressive and/or past life therapy combined with a soulful business consulting and 121 support. This transformational experience is based on raising your self-worth, embodying your truth and stepping into your Authenticity & Purpose! Bringing more meaning, happiness, clarity and confidence in to your life!

Through a symphony of conscious and subconscious work, be ready for the most powerful weekly 2 Hour-121 Activation sessions! For heightened energetic flow, you’ll begin to create happiness and confidence, attract more clients and success even after your first session. This programme will help you re-align your life and business for a happier healthier life of freedom and abundance!

Create the soulful and aligned life and business you’ve dreamed of!

Investment starts at €1,050 (inc tax) for 1 Month (3 Month Special Rate-€2,555) (Book your 2 hour taster Session for €300!)

lucy Bennett Coaching

After ONE session you'll see results!

Emotionally- You feel more joy & happiness in your life, more able to deal with stress and difficult challenges. A feeling of abundance in all areas of your life, a feeling of wholeness and a great sense of freedom.
Spiritually-You feel centred, you can connect at will to your higher self and use this connection with your intuition to guide in your life and business.
Behavioural- You will embody a new way of being, you feel free and alive!
Mentally- Your mindset has been transformed through deep subconscious work. You feel mentally stronger and able to flex and flow when needed.
Relationally- You will have improved relationships with your partner, family, children and friends. More happy more relaxed.
Financially- You are expanding your income. You magnetise your dream clients. Hitting that 6 figures & multi 6 figures! Consistency in monthly income.
Physical Benefits-You have more energy, You feel better, you look better, You sleep better, Your weight balances.

lucy Bennett Coaching

This programme is for you if:

You would like to transform your life and get results in an aligned and soulful way!
You want to be able to break through your income ceiling and make more money than you've ever made, but in a meaningful and aligned way.
You want to feel self love, be confident in yourself and your business, so that you become unstoppable to life within your life's purpose
You are ready to make the changes necessary to start truly up-levelling your life & business, to create a magnetic existence!
You are ready to to break through the walls that block your intuition, lead you to frustration and overwhelm you. No more playing small, it's time for you to step into your highest potential!!

VIP HYPNOTHERAPY Investment starts at €1,050 (inc tax) for 1 Month (3 Month Special Rate-€2,555) (Book your taster session for €300!)

How It Will Work!

We'll start your programme off with a deep 121 session to begin breaking down blocks and make profound progress from Day 1.

Through 2 additional 2 hour Hypnotherapy sessions, WhatsApp support & guidance during business hours, we’ll be working through your deepest blocks and guiding you with conscious business strategy. So you'll feel a profound expansion in your confidence, inner peace, success and energy during this first month!

As you heal energetic residues, your self confidence and personal motivation will sky rocket. You begin to experience a sense of inner peace and wholeness, while you optimise your intuition and start to attract your dream clients, generating abundance in all areas of your life!

As well as deep healing work. We’ll be diving deep into how you can propel your life and business forward, Expanding your spirituality, energy and success!

We will set in place a plan to continuing empowerment, support and guidance, so that you can truly live put your life's purpose with meaning and alignment.

VIP HYPNOTHERAPY Investment starts at €1,050 (inc tax) for 1 Month (3 Month Special Rate-€2,555) (Book your taster session for €300!)


Feel confident and courageous to take fearless steps in your life & Business!

Magnetise your dream jobs/clients, at the value you desire!

See huge shifts in your financial success!

Raise your self awareness to allow you to make better decisions!

Have better boundaries, creating healthier and happier relationships in all areas!

Be living your life energetically aligned in all that you do! 

Feel more abundant, stress free and happy!

Have more space and time to be creative and grow your business. 

Feel self love and self respect, knowing you are worthy of living out your desires.

Have more freedom in your life to travel and spend time with loved ones!  

Feel a sense of inner peace and wholeness!




  • 3 x 120 Minute Coaching/Therapy Sessions
  • WhatsApp Support-Business Hours Monday to Friday (for the duration of the programme only)



  • Workbooks and Hypnotherapies To support your transformation
  • Access to my Hub of incredible Tools to help you power up your transformation and keep you on track during and beyond this experience!

Through a perfect symphony of conscious and subconscious work & soulful strategy, be ready to experience the most powerful and transformative 121 Activation Sessions.

VIP HYPNOTHERAPY Investment starts at €1,050 (inc tax) for 1 Month (3 Month Special Rate-€2,555) (Book your taster session for €300!) Book your Expansion Call today!