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Do you remember that time when you’re 15 and you had to decide what you wanted to be in your life?

I remember it so clearly, we were being allocated our Work Experience for the end of our GCSE’s. 

I’d always had a dream of visiting exotic places and travelling, so at that time, I wanted to work in Travel and Tourism.  

Guess where I ended up? 

In a Junior School, as a Dinner Lady!!

Now, I have the utmost respect for dinner ladies, but seriously how does this in any way connect to the Tourist industry?

That was the incredible extent of the career guidance my school gave me. 

The truth is, they didn’t care where I went, because they believed, I’d never make anything of my life. 

Much to their surprise- 3 years later I was enrolling as a Freshman at Sheffield Hallam University to study Film and Media!

By this point, I’d decided I wanted to be a film director! I did graduate with a Degree and went on to work on The Full Monty as a Trainee! (At the time, it was the largest grossing Uk film to hit the box office- not long after came Harry Potter to knock it off the top spot!!) 

My dream to work in film was short-lived as I realised my financial situation would not permit it! With no parental support, I needed a job that would pay me well so I could pay off my Uni debts! Like so many of us!

Within a week, I landed a job in Advertising, just off Carnaby Street! I was so excited to be working in London but my dream of travelling and working in Tourism seemed a million miles away. 

I satisfied my need for travel through exotic holidays, weekends away. I was always on an adventure. But my life was incomplete. This feeling of dissatisfaction lasted my whole career. I switched from Job to job in search of happiness, until in 2013 when I decided to leave my London life for good,  for a life of freedom! 

I travelled to Spain, then 3 months travelling in Asia, came back and created The Boutique Wedding Co. Finally, I’d found my happiness. Within 18 months I’d generated 120K in revenue! The 15-year-old in a dinner ladies outfit (they made me wear the paper hat and everything!) had made it! 

I’d established early on, that every year from the 1st December to the 15th January I’d be ‘on holiday’ whether that be in Spain or travelling away. I take myself completely off-line and have the time for me and my family! No business, no emails, no clients! I also wanted a week to rest each quarter! 

It’s not always gone to plan, but its been pretty much there. The most powerful part is I get to choose.

This is my business, my life and I decide when I work and when I don’t. 

I broke from conformity, I challenged the ideas on what people think a normal life and job looked like. I came to a new country and established a successful business and at the same time found happiness!

Tell me your story? How did you come to where you are now on your entrepreneurial journey? 

Big Hug Lucy x