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lucy Bennett Coaching
lucy Bennett Coaching
lucy Bennett Coaching

I’m Lucy, a Next level Mentor who helps conscious leaders, create powerful shifts in their ability to receive more happiness, more clients, more money and more health! To expand their potential so they can rapidly accelerate their business & wealth while living a life of freedom from the inside out!

If you believe in your dreams...then anything is possible...

lucy Bennett Coaching

From 0 to 6 Figures in 18 Months!

In 2013, I left my 9 to 5 in London to find a life of happiness, freedom & wealth! I moved to Southern Spain and established my wedding business. Within 18 months we were generating 6 Figures a year and travelling the world throughout the winter months. We bought the house of our dreams in Southern Spain and 2 new cars! Living our dream life! in the sun! I'd always dreamed of this life, but until I took action I'd never believed it could be a reality!

In search of more fulfillment in my life, in 2017 I started to help others create successful businesses! Coaching 121 and launching successful group programmes along the way. I now do what I love, supporting and empowering conscious leaders to rise up and expand to live their best lives, creating new found levels of happiness, freedom and success and TO LIVE THEIR LEGACY!

lucy Bennett Coaching

Expanding to Multi 6 Figure Success....

As an experienced 6 Figure Business owner and also a Certified Hypnotherapist & Business Coach. I'll take you on a journey of profound healing and growth, where you'll uplevel your life & business beyond your wildest dreams!

Through our work, you'll transform how you feel mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually! Literally feeling like you've never ever felt before!

The inner healing combined with soulful strategy, will enable you to expand your confidence, inner peace and productivity.

You'll amplify your visibility and master sales so you can rapidly grow your business & wealth, whilst living a life of freedom from the inside out!

Learning how to adapt to a more soulful business approach that brings meaning and fulfillment in to your life, you'll unleash your highest potential and expand into your LEGACY!


Lead the World into more impact & create your LEGACY?

lucy Bennett Coaching

My Mission

To Impact Thousands...

My mission is to empower thousands women, to rise up, shine, find their light and create TRUE abundance & freedom!

With my soul aligned clients, I’m creating a revolution of women passionate about making the best lives for themselves, in a way unique to them!

I Help uncover the their truth within!

Inspiring and empowering them to create wildly successful lives and profoundly profitable, resilient businesses for their future!

My philosophy is to coach you holistically, understanding deeply what success will mean for you uniquely and guiding you to that pinnacle.

I help you to tap in to your inner genius, by revealing your truth within! While feeling confident, full of inner peace and a new sense of calm in your life, you’ll take powerful steps towards success and create the life you’ve been dreaming off!

You are incredible, you are capable, now is your time to expand and unleash your inner truth. Now is the time to step into your LEGACY!